Mission Statement: The Solar Family is a non-profit organization whose mission is to teach others about low cost low environmental impact approaches to meet their energy,housing, health and lifestyle needs through product development, public education, community outreach and creation of micro-enterprise businesses.

Philosophy: Energy is required for good health, building shelter, food production and meeting lifestyle needs. Renewable energy tools along with human powered appliances can improve on the quality of life especially when part of a permaculture based approach to healthy productive living. This includes herbal healing and community development. The Solar Family supports visual learning techniques via fairs, seminars and street demonstrations with a strong emphasis on hands-on intern participation in the production, marketing and technology transfer of simple, clean energy solutions.

Services: The Solar Family is dedicated to the beneficial use of low energy, low carbon impact renewable and mechanical solutions to domestic, village, agricultural and business energy and building/housing needs. The Solar family assists domestic and international organizations, governments, agencies and individuals desiring to use these technologies. The Solar Family provides services including product development, hands on training, public education, information, technology transfer, technical assistance and project funding procurement.